Saturday, February 18, 2017

Find Someone Who #FabulousFebruary

February is still going strong! Hopefully my staff has enjoyed all the activities and treats and it has made February suck a little less. It's a hard time of year usually. The weather is usually bad and everyone has cabin fever. This year the weather has been beautiful but mostly on the weekends. Still a little bit of cabin fever but not as much.
Monday's #fabulousfebruary activity is a cooperative learning structure "Find Someone Who." Everyone will get a copy first thing in the morning and can complete the from by the end of the day. There are a variety of ways to win. Once the complete as much of the form as they would like, they bring their form to the office for a prize. 
Back in 2012 I started a TpT store and you can still see my "freebie" posted. I kind of abandoned the idea due to lack of time and busy family like. So much of what I share can be easily used by other principals I thought I would revisit my TeachersPayTeachers store and upload some new products. (I should probably update my "freebie" too:) There are some great products for sale and for free! You should check it out. I have used multiple items for my staff and when I work with students. It's a really great resource.
Click here to get your copy of "Find Someone Who."

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Non-traditional Back To School Letter - Thinglink

Next week I will be a guest speaker for a colleagues night class. Needless to say night class can be boring or wonderful. My goal is somewhere in between but hopefully more wonderful. 
My librarian tuned me into She did a virtual tour of the newly remodeled Library then submit it as her Library board report to our board of education. Needless to say they LOVED it!

Sometimes I work best "on-the-fly" so this idea just came to me out of nowhere. I was wondering if I could change up the back-to-school teacher letter we always send. The paper copy is still pretty cute and valuable to families but a virtual copy could be even better!

What do you think? (There should be "thinglinks" on each picture.)

Monday, January 30, 2017

Fabulous February 2017

Fabulous February has sort of become a tradition over the years. It was actually started by a former elementary principal in my district, Dr. Rhonda Bishop. Some February's we go big and some we are slackers. This year I am trying to make for last year's slacker year.

Fabulous February activities are completely voluntary for all staff members.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Technology Revival

Rewind 2-3 years and I shared almost all my technology ideas. Sometimes I think I overshared and overwhelmed my staff. You can lead a horse to water and even though you can't make them drink they can take a sip every now and then:) There are some great resources out there and what you don't know you don't know.

Padlet - Using to brainstorm 

Our state tests are in April. If we are going to "begin with the end in mind" we start a planning calendar this time of year. (Snow days are messing up my timeline and schedule for things.) I printed a calendar from Jan.-Apr. Yes, PRINTED like on paper. Old school. 

First, we will mark off any days we are out of school. Then, we need to decide days and times we are going to "prep." Some of you will probably stop reading now that I have mentioned test prep. Just cool your jets. In my honest opinion there are things kids need to know or be exposed to before the official test. I'm not going to list all of those things or go into philosophical banter. You can follow along with what my teachers think are important by watching this

Made with Padlet

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Awkward Situation Solver

Too funny not to share! I was setting up my WeMo crockpot and this showed up as a suggestion. It creates a " widget" on your home screen to tap and call you if you are in an awkward situation. Personally and professionally I guess.